SourceHOV Management System   ver 4.2

Welcome to HMS, our one stop shop for learning organization and knowledge management at Source HOV! Totally organically designed and developed, HMS serves as a comprehensive and customised solution not just as an LMS but also for effective and efficient dissemination of internal communications and corporate messages.

As a Learning Management System, HMS allows training programme administration, L&D tracking and monitoring, assessment facilitation besides also being a repository and veritable storehouse of training materials. It has several unique inbuilt features such as being linked with our workflow tools permitting real time clarification process, dynamic evaluation capability and comprehensive reporting facilities – all of which consent to standardizing our global learning experience to the highest standards of efficiency.

Other key advantages of using HMS for training and development is also the ability to mandate assessments, drive certification parameters, identify skills & competency gaps besides track and determine performance using standard reports to name a few. Profile and business specific user access permits controlled entry and utilization of features and processes enhancing confidentiality and compliance in a totally secure and protected environment so essential in today’s business success.

HMS also has invaluable Resource Planning & Asset Management possibilities.

Get ready to enter, discover and explore how the most exciting and utilitarian features of HMS have been blended to offer a composite and complete learning and management tool.

  • REGULUSGROUP.NET Domain is now added on HMS for all TransCentra US Employees
  • HMS Assessments can be scheduled based on Date, Time, 99 max attempts & with/without Genie lock
  • Program Journal released to track Training Programs outside of HMS
  • Location Codes added to Site Details
  • Competency Tracker released to identify & track certification details for all resources across globally
  • External Domain released for users with no login ID’s under SourceHOV & BancTec domains
  • Multiple Text box option for Single Question
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